Can Office Work & Stress Effects Male Erection?

Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, it is possible that an overload of office work and stress can impact badly on the male erection. When a person’s body is under office work and stress, their heart is at risk. Stress increases the cortisol levels in your body, which will increase blood pressure, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and many other issues. This means that there is a direct risk to the heart of a person. When our body notices any risk to the heart, it releases the PDE type 5 inhibitor class hormone, which will attach to blood vessels.

Later it blocks cGMP, a vasodilator that starts the contraction of blood vessels. Now penis will not get a sufficient supply of blood which causes softer erections. The blood will also retract soon, which causes premature ejaculation. When this issue keeps happening continuously, then erectile dysfunction happens, which will not improve until you improve your office work and stress levels and work-life balance.

Other Possible Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction can happen in your body because of continuous junk and fatty food consumption.
  • If you are not doing any physical activity lately, then it can also be a reason for erectile dysfunction.
  • The issue can happen in your body because of a decline in testosterone levels.
  • Erectile dysfunction can also happen in your body if you have problems in your relationship.
  • If you are obese, then it can also be a reason for erectile dysfunction.

What Does A Person Miss On When Having Erectile Dysfunction?

  • When a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction, the first thing they will miss out on is harder erections.
  • The person will also ejaculate very soon when suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is going to pose problems for the couple.
  • The libido level will decrease when you suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • You will also miss out on sexual satisfaction when suffering from erectile dysfunction. This issue happens not just in the body of males but also in the female body.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Going To Stay Permanently?

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that will increase with time, and the situation will worsen if we don’t resolve the root cause. This means erectile dysfunction can become permanent if you don’t take care of it. But improving the habits and shifting to a healthy lifestyle can make a change. Improving your habits can help in improving erectile dysfunction completely. Some changes that you must make are-

  • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Start eating healthy food.
  • Start regular exercising
  • Control stress and depression
  • You should focus on losing weight
  • Resolve the relationship issues if you have any and try to reach out to a counselor.

Different Ways To Get Over Erectile Dysfunction

As we all know that if you want to improve your erectile dysfunction problems, then the only way is changing your lifestyle completely. But it is very difficult for some people to change it completely. That is why they make peace with erectile dysfunction, and all they want is to find a way to have satisfactory intercourse. Here are a few tips to achieve sexual satisfaction even with an erectile dysfunction problem.

PDE Type 5 Inhibitor Medicines

This is the first and the most suggested way to have sexual satisfaction. We all know that PDE type 5 is a hormone that contracts the blood vessels and starts the problem of erectile dysfunction. Taking medicine will stop the hormone from producing any action for a few hours. After that, you can have satisfactory intercourse in those few hours. The medicine contains four salts which are-

  • Sildenafil citrate is the first-ever salt that was discovered in this category. This salt takes around 20-25 minutes to show its proper action in your body, which will last for 5-6 hours. The turnaround time of the salt completely depends on the levels of issue. If the issue is less, it might work faster and last longer. This is the case applicable to all the salts in the category. You can get this salt from medicines like Cenforce 100 mg, Fildena 100 mg, Nizagara 100 mg etc.
  • Tadalafil is another and one of the best salts in the category. The salt will show its action for 20-24 hours in your body which is best in the category. To generate these results, the medicine only takes 50-60 minutes. You can get this salt in medicines like Vidalista 20 mg, and Tadalista 20 mg.
  • The next salt in the category is Avanafil which works at the lowest time. It will only take 15 minutes to show its action in your body, lasting 5-6 hours. Salt is present in medicines like Avanafil 100 mg and Avana 100
  • The final salt of the category is Vardenafil which takes 40-50 minutes to show action. The medicine will keep the PDE blocked for 4-5 hours. If you want to use this medicine, then you can use Vilitra 20 mg medicine.

All these medicines we have discussed above are FDA-approved and prescription based. You first need to visit the physician to get a prescription and check your safety.

Penile Pumps

There is some vacuum creating pumps also that can help you in achieving an erection. These are hollow pumps in which you must insert your penis and turn on the pump. Soon, a vacuum will create in your penile area, making the blood come inside the penis. When you gain an erection, you simply have to place a friction ring at the bottom of your penis. This will maintain the erection for longer so that you can have satisfactory intercourse.


There are some silicon implants that can help you beat the problem of erectile dysfunction. All you need is an erection that lasts for longer, which can happen with implants, also. These are inflatable implants the physicians will place at the sides of your penis. Now you have to inflate them before intercourse, have satisfactory sex, and deflate them again.

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone can also be a reason why people suffer from erectile dysfunction. In this issue, the testosterone level decreases in the body, a major sexual hormone. You can know about this by getting a blood test done. To resolve the problem, you can take testosterone therapy. This therapy is provided with the following methods-

  • You can take testosterone pills as per the physician’s suggestion to increase your body’s T levels.
  • You can also increase the levels via the cream application.
  • Injections are also a way to increase testosterone levels in your body.
  • There are some testosterone patches also which can help in increasing your T-levels.


In the body of a few people, erectile dysfunction happens because of relationship issues. In this situation, you must first talk to each other about your problems. If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, you must visit a counselor and discuss your issues with them. They will help you without any bias and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


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