Erectile Dysfunction Problems In Old & Young Age Males

Erectile Dysfunction Problems In Old & Young Age Males

We all know a fact that erectile dysfunction is an issue that is impacting males globally. People are facing severe problems in their sexual life because of this issue. It is a problem in which a person can neither gain an erection that is satisfactory nor keep it for a longer period. In technical terms, these issues are known as softer erections and premature ejaculation. Earlier, the problem was 90% seen in the body of males who have attained an age of 65+ and has hit their sexually inactive stage.

But the scenario has completely changed today. As per the stats, today, more young people are suffering from erectile dysfunction problems compared to the oldies. This statistic has changed completely in the past two decades. In this blog, we will be comparing the ED problems in the bodies of young and old males, the reason behind and how one can get over the issue easily.

Basic Reason For Erectile Dysfunction In Old People

If we talk about old people, most of them suffer from erectile dysfunction. But in their body, it happens because of various natural causes. Here are a few reasons that cause erectile dysfunction in their body-

  • The first reason behind erectile dysfunction in old people is the lack of testosterone hormone. It is the main male sexual hormone, and a decline in its quantity in the body can change everything. With age, the level of this hormone decreases drastically in the body which causes erectile dysfunction in the body.
  • When a person starts turning old, their body strength also decreases. Due to this reason, old males are not able to perform well in their sexual life.
  • The blood vessels also start weakening with age. Due to this, their sensitivity also decreases, and they cannot contract or relax properly. This will cause problems in blood flow, and hence erectile dysfunction happens in their body.
  • 70% of old males are also suffering from diabetes mellitus, which is also going to cause ED in your body. With age, it is very difficult to control a proper sugar level in the body, due to which ED becomes a permanent affair.

If old people want to, they can easily resolve the underlying issue by adjusting their lifestyle. But most of them are unwilling to do so because of their sexual inactivity. At this stage, they don’t care about how they can perform sexually.

Basic Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction In Young People

In the past two decades, it has been very commonly noticed that people in their middle ages are more prone to the issue of erectile dysfunction as compared to old ones. It happened because of a complete change in lifestyle in the past 20 years. Here are a few reasons why erectile dysfunction is very commonly happening in the body of young people-

  • The first reason ED is happening among young people is consuming junk food and increasing dependency on packed food. Because of lack of time, people find it easy to consume these food items but they are harmful to their health. The fats in the food will deposit on your blood vessels, obstructing the blood flow and invoking PDE type 5. Due to this, erectile dysfunction happens.
  • The issue can also happen in your body if you are not performing any physical activity. A lack of physical activity in your body will cause obesity, a precursor of ED Pills. You must also know that if you are not performing any physical activity, your stamina will also decrease, which impacts sexual health.
  • Erectile dysfunction is also common in males because of smoking and alcohol consumption. Both of these elements harm the body and directly threaten the heart. Due to this, the body will release PDE type 5 as a defense mechanism, but it will cause erectile dysfunction. These activities can also make your body weak, making you unable to have satisfactory intercourse.
  • The issue can also happen in the body if your testosterone levels are low. It happens because testosterone production will be hampered when a person does not have healthy food.
  • When a couple has problems in their relationship, then it can also cause ED Problem. Because of an unstable mental position, they cannot consummate intercourse for a longer period, due to which erectile dysfunction happens.

How Erectile Dysfunction Impacts The Body Of A Male?

When erectile dysfunction happens in the body of a male, then the following are its outcomes.

  • Due to ED, a person is unable to achieve a proper erection. This issue was known as softer erections and is insufficient to have satisfactory intercourse.
  • When a person is having intercourse, they cannot continue it for longer. They ejaculate very soon during intercourse which leaves both partners sexually dissatisfied.
  • The male and female body’s libido levels decrease when a male suffers from erectile dysfunction. Instead of having dissatisfied intercourse, a person thinks of not having it.
  • The levels of sexual dissatisfaction rise among the couple, which can harm their relationship emotionally.

How To Have A Great Sexual Life With Erectile Dysfunction?

A few people are suffering from erectile dysfunction but are only interested in having great sexual intercourse throughout. For such people, here are a few tips-

  • A person can use penile pumps if they want to have satisfactory intercourse. These pumps will help you get a hard direction and maintain it by creating a vacuum in your body and a friction ring.
  • If the reason for erectile dysfunction is a low testosterone level, then a person can opt for the option of testosterone replacement therapy. There are different ways, like pills, creams, injections, patches, etc., through which a person can increase the testosterone level in the body.
  • A person can also take the help of PDE type 5 in a better class action of medicines. In this category, medicine like Sildenafil (Viagra 100 mg, Cenforce 100 mg), Tadalafil (Tadagra  20 mg, Vidalista 20 mg), Avanafil (Avaforce 100 mg), etc. are present. They are going to help you in blocking the PDE for a few hours so that you can have satisfactory intercourse. After a few days of using the medicine continuously, you will notice that your sexual satisfaction is returning. You can have the best intercourse whenever you want, only by using a simple pill.

Is There A Way Of Permanently Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are looking for a permanent way to treat your ED, then you have to take a few steps-

  • You should switch from junk food to healthy food because it plays a very important role in blood flow and the health of the vessels.
  • You should involve 40 to 50 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine to eliminate the excess weight and gain some stamina.
  • You should try to control your stress levels by having a better work-life balance which is the main reason behind stress in most people.
  • You have to control the amount of alcohol you intake and cigarettes you smoke and bring it down to zero eventually.
  • You should add natural food items like ashwagandha, which is better for sexual health and testosterone.

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