How Smoking And Drinking Make Your Situation Worse?

How Smoking And Drinking Make Your Situation Worse?

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disorder in which a person cannot have proper sexual activity. It happens because the symptoms that this issue causes are softer erections and premature ejaculation. In this blog, we will discuss how smoking and alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and worsen the situation. So, let’s get started without any ado. Softer erections mean that the erection you are having is very soft, and sometimes it does not even feel like one. Premature ejaculation means that you will lose it soon when you gain an erection, leaving you and your partner’s desires unsatisfied. Some other issues arise due to erection dysfunction, like lower libido and sexual dissatisfaction.

It is a dysfunction that used to happen commonly due to aging and lower testosterone levels. But now, the scenario is completely different. According to surveys, 70% of young males falling in the 25-50 range are suffering from erectile dysfunction today, and some of them do not even know about it. When the research teams looked for the reason behind them, alcohol consumption and smoking were one of the most common traits among dysfunctional males.

Relation Between Smoking And Erectile Dysfunction

According to the findings of various pieces of research, smoking and erectile dysfunction are closely related. One of the findings says that people who regularly consume a pack of cigarettes have a 60% more chance of developing erectile dysfunction. They have compared them with people who never smoke. Also, 80% of erectile dysfunction patients say that they are either smoking currently or used to doing it in the past. If we look behind the connection between the link between smoking and ED, the answer lies in the person’s arteries.

During sexual stimulation, the brain signals the heart to divert blood toward the penis to cause an erection. In the case of a smoker, you will notice plaque build-up in the arteries causing the situation of atherosclerosis. The plaque in the arteries won’t allow blood to move to the penis, causing softer erections and erectile dysfunction. The situation will not build up in one day when you start smoking, and your erection will disappear over time. A chain smoker will have higher levels of issues compared to a person smoking 2 or 3 per day.

Smoking alone can cause erectile dysfunction in your body and also make the situation worse if it is in your body for other reasons. Tests of a few people show that plaque has blocked their arteries to around 70-80%, and the only operation is the option to improve the situation of erectile dysfunction.

How does Alcohol Consumption Impact Your Erectile Dysfunction?

In the case of alcohol, the situation is a bit different from that of smoking. Alcohol consumption, if done in a very limited amount, will not cause any problems. The issue will happen when a person is a permanent alcohol consumer, and that too in very high quantities. The relation between alcohol and erectile dysfunction can be found inside the working of your brain. When a person exceeds the normal limit of alcohol consumption, then he starts losing his senses. The central nervous system, which is responsible for transmitting the signal of erection, depresses. It can also decrease the sensitivity of your penis.

Apart from that, alcoholism can also affect the blood vessels and your muscles directly. It makes them narrower, which restricts the blood flow to the penis. Some research also suggests that people heavily dependent on alcohol also have low testosterone. Alcohol will stop the function of Sertoli cells, which are responsible for testosterone production. A person with low testosterone also has a high chance of erectile dysfunction in their body.

But any dysfunction that alcohol is going to cause is reversible. No matter how much alcohol impacts your central nervous system, blood vessels, or testosterone, you can easily get rid of the erectile dysfunction alcoholism causes. In the following part of the blog, you will get a step-by-step solution to improving the problem.

How To Improve The Situation Of Erectile Dysfunction?

People with erectile dysfunction always look for what to do to improve the impotence issue. All they want is to get their sexual satisfaction back. For that, a person should take some strategic steps which will improve their situation of erectile dysfunction. Let us discuss those steps one by one-

  • The first thing that a person should do is discuss the problem in detail with their partner. It will help them gain confidence and get their partner’s empathy and that they are with him.
  • The next step is visiting a physician who will help you from ground zero. They will help you figure out why and how you will improve it over time.
  • The first suggestion physicians have for you is to cut your alcohol intake completely. In the case of smoking, one should never stop suddenly because of the worst withdrawal symptoms. You must do it slowly and strategically with the help of the physician. For example, if you are smoking ten cigarettes every day, bring it to 8 first, then six, and to zero.
  • Along with leaving these toxic products, you should also leverage other ways of treatment to get your sex life on the proper track, like –
    • The first option in your hand is to get treatment of PDE type5 inhibitor medicines like Cenforce 100 mg, Vidalista 20mg, Malegra 100 mg, etc. These medicines will help dilate your blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the penis. It is the fastest way of getting your libido and sexual life on track.
    • If you are not comfortable with using the medicine, then you also have the option of using penile pumps to improve your sex life immediately. In this, a pump will help you suck blood inside your penis, which can help in better sexual life.
    • You should also improve your eating habits when suffering from erectile dysfunction. Junk and fast food you are consuming does not contribute to energy levels but surely contribute to the levels of erectile dysfunction in your body. That is why you should control the food you are consuming and shift to an all-healthy diet that provides you with proper energy.
    • You should also include a bunch of exercises in your routine to improve the situation of erectile dysfunction. The first one is aerobics, which will help you lose some weight and gain strength. You will gain some help with the problem of premature ejaculation if you gain some strength. It is also going to make your blood circulation better. You can also include pilates and kegel exercises in your schedule. These lower-floor exercises improve blood flow in your lower pelvis and provide you strength from the core.
    • You should check your situation with the physician at regular intervals. They will check your progress and see if your efforts are invested in the right direction.

You should keep in mind that when you are visiting the physician, then patience is the biggest key. If you are expecting results within a week after improving your lifestyle. It might take 3-4 weeks to show a speck of improvement. But if you continue to take the steps that your physician suggests, your situation will completely improve. Erectile dysfunction is a reversible problem that will only improve with lifestyle changes that a normal person doesn’t care about. All you need to do is at least give a time of 5-6 months to the new schedules and habits you are adopting. After that, when you compare your situation with the current one, you will see appreciable changes that will make the hard work worth it.

Final Words

Alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes have become indispensable to today’s lifestyle. But people don’t understand the fact that both of these products will provide you pleasure for some time but are very harmful in the long run. It doesn’t just cause erectile dysfunction and impotence but also keep the capability to give rise to major problems in your body related to the heart, lungs, liver, etc. That is why a person should try to keep a distance from such toxic substances as much as possible. If you do so, your chances of getting dysfunctional problems like erectile dysfunction in your body will decrease several folds.


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