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Azee 500mg- An Antibiotic That Fights a Variety of Bacterial Infections

Azee-500 tablet is the one that belongs to the medicinal groups which are known as macrolide antibiotics. It is used to treat several types of bacterial infections which can happen in children or adults, such as the respiratory tract, nose, throat, skin, and eyes.

If someone is suffering from typhoid fever or any sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, then it can be pretty effective. Azee-500 should be taken orally one hour before or 2 hours after having a meal. It would help if you took it as prescribed by the doctor at the same time intervals and did not skip any doses. Taking the full course is better because it will only make you feel better.

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Azee 500mg Interaction

Drug-Drug Interaction- Azee-500 tablet will interact with anti-migraine medicines (dihydroergotamine, ergotamine), anti-nausea pills (domperidone), bladder weakness medicines (tolterodine), anti-nausea drugs (domperidone), anti-gout/arthritis medicine (colchicines) and mental health pills (amisulpride, pimozide).

Drug-Food Interactions- You found no relevant drug-food interactions in Azee-500. You need to take precautionary measures and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, which may cause dizziness or drowsiness.

Drug-Disease Interaction – Azee-500 should not be given to people who face muscle problems, liver problems, electrolyte imbalance (low potassium or magnesium level), heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia), and colitis (inflammation of the intestine).

How to use Azee 500mg?

You can take this medicine according to the dose and timing prescribed by the doctor. But usually, it is advised to take only one tablet a day.

The patient needs to swallow the table as a whole, as they should not crush, break or chew it. It can be taken with or without food, but it is always better to ensure you are taking medicine at a fixed time.

Benefits of Azee 500mg

Azee-500 is a tablet you can use to treat a different infection caused by bacteria. The infection in which you can take this medication includes blood, joints, urinary tract, bones, joints, brain, lungs, intestines, and stomach.

It may also use to treat sexually transmitted diseases as it stops the growth of bacteria which may cause the infection. With this medicine, you can clear the infection. The person needs to take medication for as long as it is prescribed and should not skip the dose. One thing that you need to ensure is that it kills all the bacteria and makes it becomes resistant.

Side-effects of Azee 500mg

  • Diarrhea
  • Loss appetite
  • Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach cramps
  • Feeling or being sick (vomiting or nausea)

Precautions to take before consuming Azee 500mg

  • Alcohol- Azee-500 tablet should never be taken when you are taking alcohol. You need to keep your doctor informed if you are drinking alcohol.
  • Pregnancy- When it comes to pregnancy, there is insufficient information one has to use. Therefore, the person should not use this medication when they are pregnant.
  • Breast Feeding- If you are a mother still breastfeeding the child, then there are chances that it will pass to the baby through the mother’s milk. Hence, it should not be taken while breastfeeding.
  • Liver- People suffering from liver disease should not take this medicine or just consult with the doctor before taking it.
  • Kidney – You should inform your doctor if there is any kidney problem because your doctor will advise you.
  • Children- Patients under six months of age are not established, and they may not know about their safety and effectiveness. That is why this medicine is not recommended for children under six months of age.

Azee 500mg Dosage

The person should take only one tablet of Azee 1000mg whenever facing any infectious disease. It is a white color tablet, and there are five tablets in one strip. The person needs to complete the course that the doctor prescribes.

  • Overdosage

If you have overdosed on the tablet, that may cause dizziness or other symptoms. That is why you need to consult with the doctor, and they will do everything to make sure you are okay.

  • Missed dosage

If you have missed a dose, then you need to take it as soon as you remember. You should skip the missed dose if it is almost time for the next dose. Make sure you are not doubling the amount.

Daily lifestyle tips

  • It will be best for the person to take the pro-biotic after the entire course of the Azee-500 tablet; then, you can restore some of the healthy bacteria that may have been killed in the intestine. It would help if you took the pro-biotic, which can reduce the risk of diarrhea or any other antibiotic disease.
  • You should include some fiber-enrich food in the diet as it will be quite easy for you to digest gut bacteria, which help stimulate growth.
  • It is better to avoid taking too much calcium to enrich drinks or food because that can affect the working of the Azee-500 tablet.
  • It will help if you avoid alcohol while taking Azee-500 because that will make your feel dehydrated and affect your sleep. It will be hard for you to sleep and fight the infection.

Where to buy Azee-500 Tablet?

When you have to purchase the Azee-500 tablet, then it is crucial to look for a reliable website, which is Zmedx, because that will offer you several benefits-

  • Choosing a website will help in getting high-quality medicine from their original manufacturer which is Cipla Ltd. because that will help you get the best and most accurate results.
  • It offers you medicine at a reasonable price then you may get regular discounts.
  • Zmedx also has a customer support where you can get an answer to all the questions that you have in mind. You can contact them if you are making any purchases of the medicine.

Azee 500mg Storage

The person must store it in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight.


Is it safe to consume Azee-500 tablets?

Yes, it is entirely safe for the person to use the Azee-500 tablet. But it is advised to the person to take the prescribed doses at the prescribed duration only. It will be better to consult with your doctor first.

What will happen if someone does not get better?

If you do not feel comfortable or better after taking Azee-500 or you do not see any symptoms of getting any improvement even after three days. Then it is better to go to the doctor and information them about this condition.

Can you take Azee-500 at night?

Azee-500 tablet is prescribed to the person to consume once a day. There is no restriction on the timing, as you can take it any time of the day, but you should remember to always take medicine at the same time.

Along with that, the medicine should be taken 1 hour before the meal or 2 hours after eating food. The person can take the tablet preparation with or without the food. But it is advised that one should take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

Will consumption of Azee-500 affect the contraceptive pills or devices working?

It has been proven clinically that the Azee-250 tablet does not affect the working of any oral birth control pills or any other contraceptive devices.


Azee 500 mg

30 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s

Active Ingredient



Bacterial infections of the eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial infections


Cipla Limited


1, 3, 6, 10 Tablets in Strips


500 mg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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