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Vidalista 40 – Are They Capable Of Making Your Life Better?

Vidalista 40 mg is a generic Cialis medicine containing the Tadalafil primary ingredient. The medicine is present under PDE type5 inhibitor, indicating its main task. The purpose of blocking PDE is to relieve a person from erectile dysfunction issues. This sexual dysfunction in males makes their sexual and overall life miserable. But the consumption of Vidalista 40 mg makes it better instantly.

The medicine consists of 40 mg of Tadalafil in each tablet, which temporarily helps a person get over erectile dysfunction. If we see the overview of the tablet, then it is yellow and has a biconvex cylindrical shape. One pack of medicine that Centurion Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer) sells has ten tablets of Vidalista. If you are interested in knowing more about medicine and how medicine makes life better, go through the blog below. You will find all the essential information below.

How does Vidalista 40 mg make life better?

If we look at the erectile dysfunction issue, it does not just make the life of a male miserable but also includes females. In this issue, a male cannot get a harder erection and retain it for longer. Due to this, a couple starts facing intimacy and satisfaction issues. The main reason the issue happens is the activation and attachment of PDE type5 in blood vessels. This is where Vidalista 40 mg comes to the rescue.

When a person uses the medicine, it will dissolve in blood vessels and reach PDE. There it blocks PDE, constricting the blood flow toward the penis by narrowing the vessels. When Tadalafil blocks PDE, then cGMP activates automatically. This will broaden the blood vessels making the blood flow to the penis properly hence providing a harder erection. Now the next task is to maintain that erection. For that, cGMP blocks blood inside the penis.

A person can go for longer without ejaculating, bringing back libido, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction. This is how Vidalista 40 mg provides temporary relief from the issue and permanent relief from dissatisfaction.

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The right way to use the Vidalista 40 mg medicine

Some tips to follow for using the Vidalista 40 mg medicine are-

  • You should forget about grinding, chewing, or biting the medicine in any situation. People believe that it makes consumption easier, which is a myth. Instead, it decreases the working capability of the medicine.
  • A glassful of water is the best companion for using the medicine.
  • The user chooses whether to take medicine before a meal or after.
  • Your meals should not consume fats and junk food when taking medicine.
  • For better working of medicine, a person should indulge in arousing activities right after taking medicine.
  • A person must take medicine one hour before the decided intercourse period.

Different uses of Vidalista 40 mg

  • The primary use of the medicine is for erectile dysfunction. The main aim of taking medicine is to suppress the symptoms and enjoy intercourse.
  • People can also use the medicine when suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The main aim, in this case, is to get over the swelling of the prostate that happens in this issue. The medicine also provides relief from pain.
  • People with lower libido can also take medicine to increase their libido levels.
  • The medicine is also helpful in controlling the problem of Pulmonary Hypertension.

Dose Requirement

According to the manufacturer, one tablet per day before intercourse is sufficient for ED patients. But still, you must see your physician. They will go into details of the issue and then decide the dose. They also provide a prescription for buying the medicine, which is important. If we see the statistics according to the physician, 90% need only one daily dose. Some people might need more than one in a few situations, but only for some time.

Discuss missed and overdose

A missed dose is not a big deal until you plan to have intercourse. If not, then you should hop onto the next dose. But in case you want to have intercourse, make up for the dose. You only have to check that at least 12 hours are left for the next dose. In the worst-case scenario, you have to avoid intercourse for one day.

But an overdose of medicine can be serious depending on body type. Some people handle it easily, but some face unbearable side effects that lead to fainting. That is why you should always stay careful about the medicine dose.

Side effects

  • You might notice pain in your stomach and a decline in appetite. In some cases, it might lead to diarrhea also.
  • People using the medicine might also have nausea and vomiting issues.
  • You will notice a mild headache because of Vidalista 40 mg tablet.
  • Your throat might turn sore, and your ear will start to ring because of the medicine.
  • People also report the issue of blurriness and cloudiness in front of their eyes.
  • The chances of Dizziness and Drowsiness happening are pretty high.
  • Pain in muscles, especially the limbs, is very common due to the medicine. It might also accompany weakness alongside.
  • An elevation in your heart rate can happen because of the medicine. The blood pressure of some people also increases.
  • Some people report a serious issue of painful erections. This issue lasted for much longer than expected.

Where to buy Vidalista 40 mg medicine from?

If you are looking to buy Vidalista, then Zmedx can be your number one choice. The reasons behind this are-

  • The website provides high-quality medicine without fail. In this case, every customer appreciates the website.
  • The cost of medicine at Vidalista 40 mg is very competitive. No other website can compete with Zmedx when it comes to providing high quality at low prices.
  • You can trust the website with any information because of the advanced security and privacy policy. It provides supreme rights to the customers.
  • You can also consider the amazing 24*7 support of the website.

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  1. How to properly store the Vidalista 40 mg medicine?

To properly store the medicine, select a place with a temperature below 28 degrees Celsius and no contact with sunlight. Apart from that, the place should be dry and not be within reach of your pets and kids.

  1. Important preventive measures to keep in mind

  •      The most important one is properly discussing your past with the physician to ensure safety.
  •       You should not take medicine if you are a heart patient.
  •       Driving after using the medicine is not an option. It can be dangerous to your life because of side effects.
  •       You should not take medicine with nitrates, alpha-blocker salt, and grapefruit juice. They interact negatively.
  1. Can we take alcohol with Vidalista 40 mg?

The patient is not allowed to take marijuana and alcohol with buy Vidalista 40 mg. The combination of both elements can contribute negatively to the side effects and intoxicates the body.

  1. What to do if I don’t see any results?

If you are unable to get any results from the dose that the physician suggests, then visit them. You should discuss the problem with them in detail, and they will make changes to your dose.


Active Ingredient



Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip




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