Staying Fit And Healthy During Coronavirus: Tips And Tricks!

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Staying Fit And Healthy During Coronavirus: Tips And Tricks!

Covid-19 is the one problem of the century that has forced people to stay inside their homes. It is a Coronavirus viral problem that can be fatal to the human body. Various symptoms happen in people’s bodies when they suffer from Covid, like fever, cold, muscle aches, etc. Even post-recovery, the issue leaves major effects on your body, like weakness, muscle pains, etc., which take months to recover completely. The issue has changed human nature so much in ways we have never expected, and now it feels like the new normal. In this change, the most common one is spending most of the time at home, which decreases the chances of the covid-19 issue.

But due to this, the physical activities of people have decreased drastically. Due to this sedentary lifestyle, new health hazards might happen in the body. In this sedentary lifestyle, when a person is packed in his house, their temptation to high sodium snacks and junk food also increases. This might become a challenge in upcoming years by weakening our bodies and impacting our overall health. That is why it is important that in this Coronavirus era when we are forced to live a sedentary lifestyle, we should make some changes. In this blog, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to help a person stay healthy even in this Covid era.

Try To Stay Active At Your Home

You should exercise at home regularly with the available resources. When you cannot go outside, it’s high time that you get up and move inside your home.

  • You can briskly go up and down the stairs for 10-15 minutes twice a day.
  • You can dance to the music you love.
  • Various live classes are currently going on, which you can join.
  • You can do squats, push-ups and lunges in a small space inside your house.
  • You can use a resistance band at home and train whichever muscle you want.

Involving exercise in your schedule can help you stay fit and decrease the chances of Covid.

Work Towards Betterment Of Your Mental Health

You should work towards your mental health also during the Covid-19 period. During this time, you might notice that the news of coronavirus is spreading worldwide. Also, you might hear how people around you are getting infected by the issue and dying. Due to this, the mental health of a person gets severely impacted. That is why we suggest you work towards your mental health also. A few simple things you can do are-

  • First, you should stop hearing news about Covid all the time.
  • You should add meditation to your schedule to strengthen your mental health.
  • You should read self-help and motivational books, which can also help you develop skills and improve.
  • You can develop a habit that you are thinking of taking up for a longer period but cannot do because for various reasons.
  • You should stay in touch with the people you love. This is a great way to make yourself happy and keeps you close to people you don’t want to lose in your life.

Follow Proper Diet

Snacking is the best companion for binge-watching during Covid when you are at home. A report shows that almost 78% of people globally eat more than they require for their bodies to work, most of which is junk food. This can cause underlying issues like obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems, gastric issues, etc. You must check what you consume and follow a proper diet. For this, you should first see what your daily requirement is.

According to that, you should divide calories among meals and assign a dish. You must ensure that you eat food loaded with minerals, vitamins, proper proteins and good fat instead of oils and junk. Along with that, you should also increase your water intake to ensure better health.

Decrease Your Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety in your body can be very dangerous for you in this Covid era. The reason stress and anxiety will make your body weak, and the chances of issues in the body of weak people are the highest. That is why you should work towards decreasing your anxiety and stress. For this, first of all, you need to see what is causing the issue in your body. Now you have to take optimum steps to work out those issues. For example, in the Covid-19 period, the biggest stress in the life of people is work.

They are unable to meet deadlines which cause stress and anxiety. For this, you can take optimum steps like planning your day wisely and sticking to the schedule. Also, while working, you should turn off other electronic devices to focus better on your work. This way, you will see a decline in stress and anxiety levels.

Consume Immunity Boosting Foods

In the case of covid-19, one should know that the body’s immunity system plays a very important role. It is the only internal organ that helps in driving the virus out of our body and even stops Coronavirus from happening in the body. That is why it is important that you focus on the health of the immune system. For that, you can involve some food items in your schedule, which boosts your immune system. A list of easily available food items are-

  • You should add food items like oranges, grapes, red bell pepper, tangerine, strawberries, etc., to your daily life because they contain Vitamin C. It helps in the formation of antibodies in our body which helps in fighting seasonal and well and deadly microorganisms entering our body,
  • You should also add Vitamin A to your daily food items because it helps stave off the infection in your body. You can get it easily from sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, etc. Another reason to increase Vitamin A consumption is that they are good for the eyes, and regular exposure to the screen causes eyesight weakness issues.
  • You should also add protein-rich food sources to your diet because it helps in strengthening the immune system. The most common food sources are lean meat, seafood, eggs, poultry, pulses, soybean, etc. If you cannot meet your protein requirement, then you can also choose a healthy and FDA-approved protein powder.

Never Compromise With Sleep

With the rise in the issue of Coronavirus, we have seen people have adopted habits of binge-watching. The availability of unlimited content on the internet and its easy access is continuously attracting people, and people are also finding it interesting. But due to this issue, people are compromising their sleep. Once people start watching something interesting, they cannot take away their eyes from that movie or series. According to statistics, 50% of people are not getting enough sleep due to binge-watching, and the schedule of 32% of people is badly disrupted. They are not following any schedule of sleeping and waking up.

Due to bad sleeping patterns, the hormone levels in your body also get disturbed. Also, it is very bad for the mental health of a person. That is why it is suggested that you follow a proper sleeping schedule and turn off electronic items at least an hour before sleeping. This activity will ensure that you sleep better by keeping melatonin levels in the body appropriate. You can try herbal tea, a hot water shower, and journaling to sleep quickly. This will help you provide rest to your brain and sleep quickly and better.



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