Tips To Treat The Erectile Dysfunction In Males

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Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual problem affecting males of all ages worldwide. It is an issue in which the penis of the male faces two major issues: premature ejaculation and softer erections. Softer erections mean that the erection that a person is going to get is not hard enough that it can satisfy them. Premature ejaculation means that when you are having intercourse, then you will lose your erection very soon. Both issues cause a decline in libido and lower sexual satisfaction among the couple.

If we see why this issue happens in the body of a male, then there can be various reasons like bad habits of a person, stress, depression, etc. These issues cause the release of PDE type 5 hormone in the body, which will trigger the issue in the body. But there are different ways through which a person can get rid of erectile dysfunction issues. In this blog, you will find tips for treating erectile dysfunction.

Make permanent changes in your habits.

When we look at the reasons why erectile dysfunction happens in the male body, then we find that it is majorly due to the habits that a person has adopted. In recent times we have seen that people are living a very stressful life, not eating well and also involved in almost 0 physical activities. Due to this, erectile dysfunction happens in the body of a person. But changing these habits can be a permanent solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Following are some changes that we suggest to a male to make in their life to make their sexual life happen again-

  • The first change that a person needs to make is to stop consuming junk and readymade food. We understand that people’s dependency has increased on this food because of a time crunch, but these foods are habit-forming. Also, the bad elements of such food will accumulate in their blood vessels blocking the flow. The body also triggers the release of PDE type 5 to save the heart. That is why a person should make some time and cook healthy food or depend more on fruits and salad.
  • The next habit that a person should give up is smoking. Tobacco and cigarette smoke start accumulating in your blood vessels and lungs when you smoke regularly. Due to this, a person faces problems in blood flow as well as respiration. According to researchers, people who smoke regularly have a weaker erection as compared to a non-smoker.
  • If you are consuming alcohol regularly, it can harm your body and cause erectile dysfunction in the long run. Alcohol is very dangerous for the heart if taken abruptly, and the body releases PDE type 5, a precursor of erectile dysfunction, whenever the heart is in danger.
  • Stress and depression that people undergo, very common nowadays, are also big reasons behind erectile dysfunction. In 90% of cases, the reason behind stress is a job and bad work-life balance. That is why it is a suggestion that one should work on a better work-life balance so that their stress and depression levels decrease. Also, you should always seek help from an expert in this situation, as they can handle it much better.
  • One should add at least 40-50 minutes of physical activity in their daily life to keep the body fit. It is important because obesity is also a very big reason for erectile dysfunction, and this happens because of no physical activities. According to the latest reports, 78% of people live a very low lifestyle and do not perform any physical activity regularly.

These small steps might take some time to show results, but they will generate permanent results in your body. This is the only way you can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction without any kind of operation.

Use penile pumps

A penile pump is an excellent way that a person can adapt to deal with erectile dysfunction. Most people are not even bothered by erectile dysfunction and do not want a permanent solution. They only look for a way to get their sexual life back and enjoy it properly. The pump can help in this situation. It is a cylindrical hollow tube you must place on your penis. After that, you have to turn the pump on, creating a vacuum in your penile region, which sucks blood inside the penis. This is going to cause a harder erection in your body.

Now to maintain this erection, a ring is accompanied by the pump. All you need to do is place that rings at the root of your penis. You will see that blood will not easily exit your penis, and you can enjoy longer sex.

Take the help of PDE type 5 inhibitor medicines

It is one of the best ways out for people who are looking to get their sexual satisfaction ack while working on permanently removing erectile dysfunction from the body. PDE type 5 inhibitor is a category of medicine that will block all the tasks that PDE is performing in the body. This way, the blood vessels will dilate, and one will enjoy an erection. The salt also ensures a long-lasting erection by blocking blood in the penis.

The medicine is going to block PDE for a few hours so that you can enjoy your intercourse. After you are done, PDE will again activate and start protecting the heart similarly. Different salts that are present in the medicine category are-

  • Sildenafil citrate is the oldest salt in this category. Once taken, the salt will stay active in your body for 4-5 hours. The medicine will only take 25-30 minutes to give this result. Common medicines of this salt are Cenforce 100 mg, Fildena 100 mg, Niagara 100 mg. etc.
  • Tadalafil is the next and best salt in this category. It will take 50-60 minutes to show action in your body, but the result will last for 20-24 hours. In some cases, this time may increase to 36 hours. Common medicines are Vidalista 20, Vilitra 20 mg, Tadalista 20 mg, etc.
  • Avanafil is also a salt in this category with the best response time. It only takes 15 minutes to show its action, lasting 5-6 hours. The medicines in this category are Avana 100 mg and Avaforce 100 mg. Etc.
  • Vardenafil is also a salt in this category, more or less like Sildenafil. It takes around 40 minutes to show action in the body, which will last for 4-5 hours in your body. The most common medicine for this salt is Levitra.

Surgical implants

Surgical implants are also an option that many people adopt to get a long-lasting erection. In this method, silicone implants are placed at the sides of your penis, which can be inflated as per your needs. When you want to have intercourse, then you can inflate them and have the erection that you are looking for.

Relationship Counseling

Sometimes, a person cannot have amazing intercourse because of issues in a relationship. In this case, a person should consult a counselor to help resolve the problem.


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